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Dear Your Friend in Vienna representative --

I visited Vienna for the first time last week. Before going, I had loaded your recordings onto my MP3 player and had printed out the PDF of your map in color. To be honest, I didn't think the recordings would be that good, but I decided to try them anyway.

When I made a walking tour of Vienna last Sunday evening by listening to your recordings, I could immediately see how interesting and professionally done they were. It's a wonderful resource that should really be mentioned by the Vienna tourism authority on its web site.

I completed almost the entire audio tour in one evening -- except that by the time I got down around the Opera and Karlsplatz I could hardly walk any more and had to go back to my hotel (the Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth) because I had also climbed the stairway to the tower of St. Stephen's Cathedral earlier that day. Three recordings stood out for me:

* I'm Jewish, and your description of the Holocaust Memorial, with its room that can never be opened and its books that can never be read, made me so emotional that I had to go to the adjacent Am Hof Square to have a good cry on a park bench;

* Your recording on the Monument Against War and Fascism certainly tells a fascinating story, and one that no one would know about by simply viewing the monument, which had very little descriptive information that I recall, or at least not in English;

* Your inclusion of an excerpt of Hitler's speech in your audio file on the Heldenplatz gives the listener the very powerful experience of being able to feel that Hitler is there, addressing a huge crowd of people -- a feeling one would not be able to get any other way.

Thank you for enabling me to learn so much about Vienna in such an interesting way. I have saved some of your files on my computer so I can use them to tell my family about my trip to Vienna. The name of your web site is absolutely correct -- you were indeed like my friend in Vienna.

Sincerely, Stuart B.



Hello Dear Johann,

Thank you so much for your patience.

I have a real pleasure to use your Podcast in Vienna. This is a good help to know all we need to know in our visit of Vienna.

I make a warm recommendation to my entourage to buying your files.

Bruno B. (Quebec, Canada)



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01 St. Stephen´s Cathedral (Stephansdom)

The west facade, the Stephen's tower, medieval symbols of fertility and the significance of the numbers 05

Listen now!

(copy 1)

02 Eagletower (Adlerturm)

The 2nd tower of the cathedral and why it was never fully completed

Listen now!

03 Haas Haus

The 20th century in the center of Vienna and the riddle about the "trunk in iron"

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(copy 8)

Haas Haus

04 Plague column

A reminder of the plague

Listen now!

(copy 9)

Download Your Friend in Vienna now!

Grab Vienna on to your mp3-player! Your entertaining and informative city expierience for only 9,95 Euros.

You want even more sights?

Watch our overview of the whole tour. We have compiled all of our 48 sights below. You want to know what you will get, right?


05 Peter´s Church (Peterskirche)

Magnificent baroque in the inner city.

(copy 16)

06 Cafe Hawelka, Trzesniewski

About the viennese fast-food and the incomparable artist's cafe.

(copy 11)

07 Michaelerplatz, Loos House

The entrance to the Imperial palace and why even the police had to take action against modern Viennese architecture.

(copy 12)

08 Swiss Gate (Schweizer Tor)

The historical core of the Imperial palace

(copy 13)

09 Heldenplatz

The buildings on the square, the history of Vienna and where Hitler announced the "Anschluss" of Austria with the 3rd Reich, - An original extract of Hitler's speech

(copy 14)

10 Joseph's Square (Josefsplatz)

As the Lippizaner had to be rescued from the fire

(copy 3)

11 Cafe Braeunerhof

About the viennese cuisine, the cafes and the charming waiters of the viennese cafes.

(copy 15)

12 Ballhausplatz

The seat of the federal Chancellor and about the "Anschluss"

(copy 16)

13 Minoritenkirche

Why the church gable is missing

Listen now!

(copy 4)

14 Theseustempel

What Napoleon had to do with it and why the temple is empty

Listen now!

(copy 2)

15 Maria Theresia

The story of an Empress and where the largest museum area of Vienna is located

Listen now!

(copy 17)

16 Parliament

About how you can enter the Parliament and what happened inside it

Listen now!

Download Your Friend in Vienna now!

Grab Vienna on to your mp3-player! Your entertaining and informative city expierience for only 9,95 Euros.

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