Naschmarkt Vienna: the largest fruit and vegetable market of the city


Naschmarkt Vienna

The Naschmarkt, which directly translated means the Nibble market! A really good name for a market, don 't you think!

It is the most central and largest market in Vienna.

It offers a marvellous selection of culinary delights. You'll find everything here. From Sauerkraut to Doener-Kebab, figs, olives. Topfengulatschen,  roast chicken, or sushi and every other possible oriental spices and exotic fruits.

The market sellers are either of Turkish descent or come from the former Ex-Yugoslavia: Here is another example of Vienna being the melting pot of the Nation.

And if you feel like having a small snack, then you should try a Kaese-Krainer with sweet mustard at one of the sausage stands. Doener and Sushi are internationally known, so I’ll presume that you have already tried them. A Kaesekrainer is a pork sausage with a cheese filling. Its tastes better when grilled.
Anyway, it tastes better than it looks. A sweet mustard goes best with it!

Or a try a Wurst Semmel. It’s a hot dog in a bun. You can buy one in every butchers shop.

Simply take a stroll through the market. Its definitely an experience, with international flair. To your left you’ll find market stalls and in the small lane to the right, you'll find one market restaurant after the other. You'll find everything here, from Viennese Schnitzel to Indian delicacies. A stroll through the kitchens of the world.

Further down , at the very end of the market, you can visit a flea-market on Saturdays at the underground stop Kettenbrueckengasse. Its really worth visiting the flea market during your stay in Vienna. Here you'll see what the Viennese people have collected over the years in their apartment.