Where Mozart lived in Vienna and where he composed the opera "The Marriage of Figaro"


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E 33 Mozart Museum, Mozart House, Figaro´s House

You are now standing in front of a nearly 300 year old Viennese apartment house.
Probably one of the most famous musicians of all time, lived in this house, in the Domgasse. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He lived together with his wife, Constanze, on the first floor.

A really exclusive Address! In those days the most expensive and exclusive Apartments were located on the first floor.

If you look really carefully, then you´ll notice that the windows and therefore the rooms themselves get smaller towards the top. The higher up you lived in a building, the lower your status in the social hierarchy .

Mozart moved 13 times in the 10 years that he lived in Vienna.  So, his living quarters were a reflection of his financial situation . When he did have money , he spent it all again. So, (when he lived here) Mozart must have had a lot of money at this time.

This is one of the few remaining houses of Mozart.

Mozart was born in Salzburg. Even as a young boy, he was regarded as a musical genius. Even as a young child Mozart had already travelled around  all of Europe, where he was regarded as a wonder child, together with his father.

His first position was with the Archbishop of Salzburg. Musicians were normal employees at that time. He felt too constricted in his job. He left his job, a very courageous decision, and moved to Vienna. He lived here as a free-lance artist.
And he composed the opera “the marriage of Figaro” in this house.

If you´d like to view the apartment, it is very spacious. Unfortunately it is no longer furnished. But it is an awe inspiring feeling, to be in the same place where the most famous European Composers spent their time or at least some of it. It was here that Mozart received his friend Joseph Haydn and where the young genius Beethoven was taught by him, all of these people went in and out of this very door.

And if you´d like to know more about Mozart, then you can simply visit his memorial, it´s number 42 on our plan.


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