Why the church gable is missing.


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E 13 Minoritenkirche

You are now standing in front of the Minoriten church .

You are looking at an unusual plain octagonal tower. It ends abruptly at the top. Doesn’t it seem incomplete to you?

The church spire is missing! And there’s also a reason for this. We’ll have to step back in time in order to find out why:

In 1683 the Turks laid siege to Vienna . They had an army of 200,000 soldiers. At the time Vienna was surrounded by a big ring-shaped fortress. The Turks fired cannon balls at the city. The spire was hit by one of these cannons. It was probably just never restored to its original state.

The Minoriten church was built in the 14th century. The name of the builder is still unknown, he is however believed to have immortalised himself by means of a sculpture! Have a look at the centre of the tower, above the long-window, -on the right-hand side. You should see a little figure which appears to be carrying a corner of the Tower. That´s probably the builder of the church.

In front of the church you can see replicas of Ludwig’s chorus. The foundations were discovered during the construction of the underground and were then reconstructed.

The church was entrusted into Italian hands by Joseph II. Even today, it is still under Italian administration. The masses are held in both German and Italian.

While Napoleon´s army was marching on Russia, the French soldiers used the church as for their quarters.

The vestry can be found in the building with the windows on the left hand side of the church. Directly attached to it is an arcade. This section was added on in 1910. You can still notice the different building styles -   the projectile structure on the left is a strong contrast to that of the high long windows in gothic style to the right. The two parts are too much of a contrast to each other.

Well, that´s enough about Church’s.
Behind you, you can see an administrative building. Parts of the Austrian interior ministry, the federal chancellors office and the foreign ministry are located in this building.

The narrow street in the centre with the lanterns is the Bruno Kreisky Gasse. Bruno Kreiskiy is probably one of the most internationally well known Austrian politicians.

The Federal chancellors office is on the right hand-side of this lane.


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