Holocaust Memorial at Judenplatz


The most important memorial in Vienna at Judenplatz.


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E 24 Holocaust Memorial at Judenplatz

You now see before you one of the most important memorials in Vienna.

In commemoration of more than 65.000 Austrian Jews, who were killed by the nazis between 1938 and 1945.

A plain right angled concrete block on a stone pedestal. Engraved in the stone, in alphabetical order, the names of nazi concentration camps.

The walls of the stone blocks are arranged in geometrical order and subdivided into equal parts. The longer side of the block has 10 vertical parts, the shorter one has 7. The height of the block is divided into 11 parts. The individual blocks represent books. Each individual section consists of 20 books. The books are not standing in a bookcase like you would expect them to be. They are turned inside out. The pages of the books are facing us. The book titles cannot be read. Whatever story these books would like to tell us will remain a secret. The books symbolize the Jewish lives which were wiped out by the nazis.

A representation of a door is also visible.
Look carefully at the door!
Could you open it?

No, of course not, the door knobs are missing. The door will remain closed forever. The memorial encloses, for all time, an empty and closed room. A horrible emptiness, which the mass murder of the Jewish people leaves behind.

The memorial was designed by the English artist Rachel Whiteread.

The ruins of a medieval synagogue were found beneath the memorial. It is also possible to view these ruins.

You will find the Jewish museum at Judenplatz, located in the house with the light grey windows behind the memorial. It is set slightly apart from the square. At the museum you can obtain a more detailed account of the history of Jewish people in Vienna. In this museum you can also visit the ruins of the medieval synagogue underneath the monument.


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