Haas House


The 20th century in the center of Vienna. Modern architecture by Hans Hollein.


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E 03 Haas House

You´l certainly have noticed this modern step like building structure with its stone and glass facade, beside St. Stephen´ Cathedral. This is the Haas House, designed by the famous Viennese architect Hans Hollein.

As you can imagine, the construction of this modern building was very controversial. Even in the planning stage there was strong opposition against the construction. A modern building right in the center of historical Vienna? - in the heart of the old city? Would it fit in?

The arguments were long and heated. But the architect was able to push through his design with a lot of support of the mayor at that time.

So, what can you see:
On the left hand side the building begins with a light colored stone facade. The stone facade tapers off and glass takes over. The whole building facade is curved. The whole curve ends with an equally round, projecting glass covered building structure. In the lower part of the area you´ll see a somewhat diagonally placed cube – covered in stone.. It contrasts with the otherwise predominate building form and adds a certain tension to it all. This cube also forms a roof over the entrance to the Haas House.

With the projectile round building section Hollein had tried to seperate the „Stock im Eisen Place“ from the Stephansplatz. This projecting structure is also a means of urban development. From up here you naturally have a wonderful view of Stephansplatz. The Austrian Television certainly appreciates this background. It often serves as a back drop for the many live discussions which take place here. The TV viewers have a picture on their screens of Stephansplatz, which is live in the background.

Anyhow, everyone can form his own opinion about modern architecture. I think that building is a success. Every age left its mark, why shouldn´t the 20th century be represented by a dominant building in keepeng with the times on this important location.