Franziskanerplatz (Franciscan Square) and Kleines Cafe


About the Franciscan church at Franziskanerplatz and time for a break in the "Little Cafe"

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E 34 Franziskanerplatz, Kleines Cafe

So, why did I bring you here?

Well, it´s such a nice little place, away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist attractions. In front of you is the Franciscan Church. The order was founded as a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi. You know, the saint who was able to talk with the animals. He preached apostolic poverty. Directly adjoined to the church is the Franciscan Monastery. Especially noticeable on the building facade are the round grey-blueish depressions. A tendency towards Italian style buildings is a reminder of the Franciscan Orders Italian origins. A touch of Italian flair in Vienna.It is one of the few remaining building facades in renaissance style, which still exists in Vienna.The Franciscan Church has a beautiful baroque interior.

When you have had enough of viewing churches, then treat yourself to a break in the “Kleines Cafe” (or small Cafe) here on the square. It´s not only small, but is called that as well. it´s really nice to sit outside here in Summer.

There were over 600 coffee-houses at one stage in Vienna, but during the economic boom many cafes were converted into banks. The Kleines Cafe was one of the first Coffee-houses which was new built after the 2nd world war. It was a sign of the night life which was developing in Vienna. After the war the foot-paths were actually “folded up” after 10 o´clock at night …. more or less curfew!

In the meantime, though, the night owls are able to go out and enjoy themselves. Sometimes the Kleine Cafe stays open till 4 o´clock in the morning and more often than not -even later.