The Danube Island Festival in Vienna


The Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest)

Every year Vienna starts to rock at the Island in the Danube . About 3 million visitors on 3 days, more than 300 bands and events on 20 stages. From Viennese traditionals to jazz, hard rock, techno and hip hop. I´m sure you will find, what you like. And the best: you don´t need tickets, entrance is free .

About the Danube Island Festival in Vienna:

The Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest in German) is probably the biggest open air festival in Europe. It takes place every year at the Island in the Danube. On 3 days a real huge number of Bands, DJ´s and cabaret groups give their best to entertain you. The festival is very well organized, the entrance is free. The following videos will give you a good impression about the event.

Texta at the FM4 Stage

The austrian hip hop band emphasizes it´s fans with cool hip-hop rhythms and "austrianized" texts. Hip hop from Austria.

Sexy Girls dancing

Erotic dancers on the Island. Nice the girls, but maybe they should have had a better sound check.

Wiener Tschuschenkapelle at the Jazz Stage

Slavko Ninić and his "Tschuschenkapelle" guarantee for swinging melodies and hot rhythms from the Balkan.

Red Indians conquer the Island

But don´t be afraid. Just smoke the peace pipe with them and you won´t have to worry about your scalp.

Have a short refreshment!

A summer day on the Island can really be very hot. So the organizing committee sometimes orders a big shower for all the Islanders.

Dust´n Bones at the Rock Island

Rocky beats again warm up the "danube islanders" and let forget the short rain shower.

Georg Ringsgwandl in the Ö1 Tent

Also the bavarian cabaret star and poet with his performance with elements between traditional home music and punk could emphasize his fans.

Austrian traditional music

Swinging melodies from Austrian provinces, music from the alps, Austrian traditionals, why should this be missing at the Danube Island Festival?

Traditional songs from Vienna

Vienna has a long tradition of typical Viennese popular songs. And this tradition is still quite alive, proved by Prof. Karl Hodina and Rudi Koschelu.

Train your brain!

If you want to win against a Viennese Chess champion, here is your chance.

Zucchero: Italo Rock at the Island

The legendary voice of this famous rock musician from Italy again attracts a lot of fans.

No sports?

You want to train your body? Everything is possible.

Rainhard Fendrich live!

And last but not least: The local Pop Star Rainhard Fendrich in front of 200.000 enthusiastic fans with: "I am from Austria".