Eagletower - Adlerturm


The 2nd tower of the cathedral and why it was never fully completed.


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E 02 Adlerturm -Eagletower

So, here you can see the second tower, the lowest tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.Not a very impressive view, is it?So, what happened here?This tower is incomplete. You can actually notice it straight away!-The top is missing.The tower looks, as if it was cut off with a knife and instead of fully completing it, they just put a little dome on it. St. Stephen’s was originally planned as a symmetrical design. This tower, the Eagletower, was supposed to be just as high as St. Stephen’s Tower. Due to unknown circumstances the construction on this tower was abandoned. Perhaps, they just ran out of money !. Anyways, the construction on the middle of the tower was suddenly stopped.A dome was put on top of it  as a provisional finish. This dome is home to the „Pummerin“, or the Boomer bell in english; the largest bell in Vienna. It weights 21 tonnes. However, this bell is a copy of the original and older „Pummerin“. The original bell hung in the South tower, but during the fighting in the second world war it was knocked and destroyed.The original bell was made from canons, belonging to the Turkish army.The Turkish army laid siege to  Vienna in 1683, but could not take the city. They had to leave their canons behind during a hurried retreat. The „Pummerin“ was cast out of these canons. While looking at the „Pummerin“ you can see a representation of  a  Turkish head, a reminder of this historical event. There is an elevator up to the „Pummerin“ inside the cathedral.What else?A work area can be found beside the Eagletower. This area is separated by wooden walls. The cathedral is being permanently renovated by 10 stonemasons behind these wooden walls. As you can imagine, they are never out of work. The pollution in the air attacks the stone. –A lot of sculptures are gradually being eaten away by the acid rain.

A side entrance to the cathedral can be found behind this wooden partition. This would have been the entrance for women. In the olden days the entrances for men and women were strictly separated.